June 19, 2016


aGeek2Go’s Disclaimer Page

aGeek2Go is a Computer Repair and IT Services company, who only employs friendly, knowleable Geek “techs,” and we will always do our best to fix, set up or improve your computer, laptop, desktop, pc, Mac or other tech item we agree to fix for you.  We do have a guarantee policy that’s better than anybody else out there (twice the industry standard), because we’re very confident in our work.  If something doesn’t work after we fix it and it’s our fault, by all means we’ll take care of it.  However, we are not gods, and if you muck around with your computer, especially in a way that we warned you not to do, after we’ve fixed your computer, well then, we’re not responsible for subsequent resulting computer problems.

We also provide computer repair or optimization advice on our website, and while we’re pretty confident it works, follow our advice at your own risk- this stuff really depends on somebody being able to follow directions, and besides, there are so many variables to computer repair that we cannot possibly cover all of them in any advice we give you.  We’re just trying to be useful to you and our beautiful San Diego neighbors.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us directly at info@ageek2go.com– we’re a friendly and ethical bunch, look to serve our San Diego community the best we can, and so we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Best to you from the aGeek2Go Geeks!