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NOTICE TO ALL OUR LOYAL HOME CUSTOMERS FROM THE PAST……… The State of California has decided that we cannot have a web-site for you to find us at if you need our help after all these years. We have kept this site up WITHOUT SEO OR GOOGLE ADS WHATSOEVER so you can find us when you need us. In fact we have not spent a single Dime on ads in over 5 years. We didn’t need to 99% of you came to us by referral. They are DEMANDING a HUGE fine from us for keeping this site up ( Calling it advertising ) and they also took away our Phone number that you all have used to reach out for help for yourselves , Friends and Family for many years. This is how we thought they treated Criminals and people that don’t do Charitable and Honorable work.. Go figure! We have tried to reason with them but there is nothing they will listen to. So we are getting driven out as if we are the kinds of people that most of you dealt with before finding us. We are trying to find out where they have the Authority to interfere with the years long very close relationships that we enjoy with so many of you but until then you will have to contact us in some other fashion. We thank you very much for many years of loyal support.. great food , Coffee and of course those Caramels we get every year : ) But the powers that be have decided we should not have access to one another anymore. NOTE: They are going to give our number ( that we made famous and to mean QUALITY) to just ANYONE so if you call 858-222-GEEK IT IS NOT US!!!!

Small Business Services

Big Business Quality for Small Business Needs (without the big business prices!) As a business owner, technology should be your ally. We partner with many businesses with tailor-made IT Services that saves San Diego businesses money, keeps technology running smoothly, and helps companies to be more productive and efficient.

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geek (‘gek), noun. 1. Obsessive Computer User: somebody who enjoys or takes pride in using computers or other technology, often to what others consider an excessive degree 2. Someone with greater than normal computer skills. 3. Very happy to help you anytime.

About Your Geeks

Proud to be called Geeks and for Serving you for nearly 10 years.

Why Choose Us? The AGeek2Go Difference Our friendly Professional Certified Geeks (We prefer that to just plain ole Techs) will come to you, Your Home or Office to evaluate and repair your Computer or Network issues, and consult with you on any number of issues. We can even help you plan your next purchases and infrastructure. Our Geeks are NOT SALESPEOPLE. They earn no commissions from the advice they give you. A Geek 2 Go Geeks are Motivated by SAVING you Money. After all that is why the company was founded in the first place. Virus Removals are the most common calls we deal with daily and we have become experts over the years , so much so we do it by the JOB, not by the HOUR, saving you money. If we cannot kill that Virus or Mal ware or your PC is too damaged, we will rebuild your Computer and apply the charges to the new job of rebuilding your PC and getting you back up and running again. Give us a call and you’ll see why we were voted “BEST Virus Removal San Diego!” The aGEEK2Go Best in the National Industry Guarantee. We are so Focused on keeping our Clients satisfied we have DOUBLED the Guarantee of the Best Buys Geek Squad and Staples Easy Techs. Our 60 Day Guarantee* goes beyond the customary 30 days that other computer repair shops and services offer. At aGeek2go we want you to know that we will work harder for you and give you the best service. *however, for repair necesitated by a virus or spyware, the 60-day warranty is only valid if the antivirus and anti-spyware protection for your product is installed or updated during the repair or before you again connect to the Internet. aGeek2Go will work to remedy your original problem quickly and at no additional cost. Guarantee is Void if any work is performed by another technician or service personnel not affiliated with aGeek2Go LLC after our services are rendered. Out of warranty Hardware repairs are covered for LABOR ONLY , aGeek2Go LLC does in no way extend the original Factory Warranty coverage of Hardware components.


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